The PXF Classroom

Attend educational and entertaining poker training webinars with members of the PXF Team in our virtual classroom. It's like an interactive poker training video.


Topics include:

HH Review Sessions/Leakfinders

These weekly sessions allow the PXF community to review the play of other poker players in a collaborative group setting. Led by renowned poker teacher Eric "Sheets" Haber, these sessions provide an opportunity to compare your poker thought process with other players and review HHs from some of the best online poker players in the world.

Strategy Lectures

We hold monthly and quarterly classes on an individual poker topic or strategy that the community is interested in learning. These courses cover a wide range of topics such as: Tournament Tactics and Strategies, Learning New Games, Software Demos, and the PXF Pro-spective Series.

Live Sessions

These weekly sessions put you in the passenger seat as one of our PXF instructors plays several online poker tournaments and takes audience questions in real-time. In addition to learning, these sessions provide an oppotunity to root for one another and cheer as the instructor or other members of the community make deep runs in their tournaments.

Multi-Day Classes

For some topics, you need more than one day to teach all the material. These courses will meet at the same time each day for up to five days and the material covered will be in depth and fully comprehensive.

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