The PXF ToolKit

Our toolkit will assist you in learning and exploiting the mathematics of poker. We provide you with the charts, calculators, and spreadsheets to help you analyze a number of poker situations. Using these tools requires a working knowledge of hand and range equities. You will need access to an equity calculator such as PokerStove.

Preflop Analysis Spreadsheet

This tool will help you analyze the best betting line by allowing you to calculate the chip EV of different options. Typically, this tool is used to look at preflop situations where you are not sure whether it is best to raise/call, raise/fold, or simply shove all-in.

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Restealing Spreadsheet

When your chip stack falls into the re-steal zone, your most effective weapon is being able to get your opponent's to fold after they have already opened the pot for a raise. This tool will help you understand and analyze the math behind making these aggressive preflop plays.

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Optimal Push/Fold Calculator

An important component of tournament strategy is knowing how to play with a short stack. Knowing and understanding when it is best to push all-in preflop and when you must call an opponent's push are critical to success. With this calculator, you can look at optimal pushing and calling ranges based on position and M*.

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*M is defined as the number of rounds or orbits you could survive without playing a hand. The lower your M, the more desperate your situation and the more important it is steal blinds and antes.

3Bet Calculator Advanced

The 3Bet Calculator will help you to analyze the impact and effectiveness of different 3Bet raise sizes. It will also help you better react to an opponent's 4Bet.

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Tournament Payout Calculator

Sometimes a poker tournament is stopped by the remaining players and they agree to split up or "chop" the prize money. This tool will help you calculate a revised tournament payout for up to 10 players utilizing either chip equity or ICM.

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