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PXF League Leaderboard - 3940 Members

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Overall Leaderboard
Last Quarter April May 
Top Players By LevelPXF League Teams
Last Quarter 
2nd Quarter 2009
RankLeague MemberPointsCashesMTTs
1team bel0wab0ve melissa21415981464
2team bel0wab0ve HITTHEPANDA42621110
3team brsavage derfischi403930
4team rizen Jorgo V379960
5team rizen nickalbe3481560
6team bel0wab0ve M1cKmAcK3361562
7team bax DcHustler314948
8team sheets justpartime63011896
9team mindwise yuan291534
10team rizen ur2barredout288523
11team bel0wab0ve vanman2428232121
12team sheets THE_ALPACA2611577
13team bel0wab0ve xxjondxx253534
14team bax chewme12501681
15team sheets Stump12246325
16team mindwise funnygut2441046
17team bel0wab0ve Houndboy2411361
18team bel0wab0ve DEADF15H2352399
19team sheets Nocturnick229538
20team bel0wab0ve DR. EVIL212271033
21team brsavage Aln_The_Kid219316
22team brsavage SharkBait214727
23team mindwise teddyrowe9203420
24team brsavage vovo_leo194933
25team bax annodv19328130
26team brsavage Whiteghostly190116
27team bax JohnnyBax186832
28team bax jshark418032142
29team bel0wab0ve phatcat180951
30team sheets gavonater1771467
31team mindwise SidGucci17521107
32team bel0wab0ve mgw211711045
33team brsavage cframing1170311
34team bel0wab0ve BIGREEEID1691277
35team rizen RiverReaper1661143
36team bax wpaman162626
37team mindwise swifterjet154741
38team bax janneff150320
39team bax uac150415
40team bel0wab0ve ZiG ZaG149524
41team mindwise heavenwalker1491159
42team bel0wab0ve ryanbluf1481695
43team brsavage neblogas147838
44team rizen miraclegro146757
45team mindwise cubbierae146839
46team sheets Norm427141221
47team mindwise DoMiNo871411555
48team rizen MrLynX1402196
49team sheets Rekorb140830
50team brsavage joka138318
51team rizen govshark2137849
52team brsavage Gracie8513231142
53team bax P_DUUDE1291144
54team mindwise kev19127928
55team sheets cod meharly126437
56team brsavage real joscha4512546241
57team rizen Tomifgsd1201373
58team bax sln112120840
59team bel0wab0ve ACalculator118513
60team brsavage kabutze1171277
61team rizen jkelsey1171989
62team bax hunter12411621103
63team sheets dbossie1161239
64team rizen Chipsteela1151053
65team sheets bobthefish115729
66team brsavage kosamm114965
67team mindwise offsuitstan114637
68team rizen intrepid0071141030
69team bax thakId161141146
70team mindwise lucky_aces0811014
71team bax Nuscas109620
72team rizen andybee10938
73team sheets Balboni1061579
74team brsavage dipthrongwatch104363
75team brsavage engels23103536
76team rizen Ventilatorrr99721
77team sheets johngolf20009927
78team bel0wab0ve OhScissorMe981492
79team brsavage GHSE000113649324125
80team sheets pokerbrat1393856
81team bax CR00K91968
82team sheets bukowski10190753
83team rizen nrharpe9013
84team sheets ShOrTy D 2589239
85team brsavage sherwinr881447
86team bel0wab0ve cobere86418
87team bax BLugosi8612
88team sheets 1986Mets85821
89team brsavage daz3183939
90team bel0wab0ve TourneyWolf82650
91team sheets WarGawd81426
92team rizen Skylima8127
93team mindwise @ngler801042
94team brsavage MacPhee78664
95team rizen ShinKaLon78332
96team sheets spiderweb8073827
97team rizen pduubb731869
98team mindwise DrunkPPlaya73938
99team mindwise herschelw7315
100team rizen IMHIDONKS72422
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Lower Buy-in (Under $15 MTTs)
RankLeague MemberPoints
1team bel0wab0ve melissa2141354
2team rizen nickalbe337
3team bel0wab0ve M1cKmAcK318
4team rizen Jorgo V306
5team brsavage derfischi229
6team bax chewme1228
7team bel0wab0ve DR. EVIL21208
8team sheets Stump12192
9team mindwise SidGucci168
10team rizen RiverReaper157
11team bax wpaman152
12team bax uac148
13team bel0wab0ve vanman24126
14team bel0wab0ve ACalculator117
15team rizen intrepid007114
16team rizen Ventilatorrr99
17team rizen nrharpe90
18team rizen jkelsey82
19team rizen ShinKaLon78
20team rizen InaneFool69
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Medium Buy-in ($15-$49 MTTs/$3-$9 Rebuy)
RankLeague MemberPoints
1team bel0wab0ve HITTHEPANDA365
2team bel0wab0ve Houndboy238
3team mindwise funnygut206
4team bel0wab0ve melissa2141195
5team brsavage Whiteghostly190
6team brsavage vovo_leo181
7team bel0wab0ve mgw21167
8team bax jshark4160
9team brsavage derfischi155
10team brsavage SharkBait146
11team bel0wab0ve ZiG ZaG145
12team mindwise DoMiNo87141
13team brsavage joka138
14team mindwise cubbierae134
15team mindwise offsuitstan113
16team bel0wab0ve BIGREEEID111
17team sheets johngolf200099
18team rizen andybee96
19team brsavage neblogas87
20team sheets 1986Mets83
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Higher Buy-in ($50+ MTTs/$10+ Rebuy)
RankLeague MemberPoints
1team bax DcHustler306
2team sheets justpartime6297
3team mindwise yuan288
4team rizen ur2barredout288
5team sheets THE_ALPACA254
6team bel0wab0ve xxjondxx253
7team bel0wab0ve DEADF15H228
8team sheets Nocturnick226
9team brsavage Aln_The_Kid219
10team mindwise teddyrowe9203
11team bax JohnnyBax182
12team bel0wab0ve phatcat180
13team sheets gavonater172
14team brsavage cframing1170
15team mindwise swifterjet150
16team bax janneff150
17team rizen miraclegro146
18team bel0wab0ve vanman24146
19team sheets Norm427141
20team sheets Rekorb138
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The PXF MTT League is being
revised and will relaunch in April of 2009.

We'll see you then, with new teams, new prizes and more!

Top 25 Scores (Last 2 Days)
League MemberTournamentPoints
1chewme1#158090850 ($10.00+$1.00)217
2yuan#158090739 ($100.00+$9.00)150
3vovo_leo#158091113 ($3.00+$0.30 Rebuy)150
4melissa2141#158324484 ($9.00+$0.90)142
5joka#160528970 ($30.00+$3.00)134
6BIGREEEID#158090564 ($30.00+$3.00)99
7Nocturnick#158090472 ($100.00+$9.00)98
8BLugosi#158061340 ($150.00+$12.00)86
9Skylima#160514063 ($20.00+$2.00)80
10pokerbrat13#158090430 ($300.00+$20.00)73
111986Mets#158324504 ($15.00+$1.50)73
12InaneFool#158091071 ($10.00+$1.00)68
13kosamm#158090932 ($50.00+$5.00)48
14vanman24#158324607 ($9.00+$0.90)48
15WarGawd#158091234 ($50.00+$5.00)47
16rollinhand#158090635 ($100.00+$9.00)45
17MacPhee#158090435 ($100.00+$9.00 Rebuy)43
18malacka001#158090431 ($10.00+$1.00)33
19real joscha45#158090945 ($50.00+$5.00 Rebuy)27
20gillimonster#158091078 ($10.00+$1.00 Rebuy)23
21MacPhee#158090434 ($200.00+$15.00)17
22phatcat#158090436 ($200.00+$15.00 Rebuy)15
23swifterjet#160528885 ($70.00+$7.00)15
24BJDarter#158090565 ($30.00+$3.00)14
25Mr RonnDough#160528970 ($30.00+$3.00)14

PXF Verifiers Leaderboard
Last Quarter April 

May 2009 Verifiers
League MemberCredits