PokerXFactor FAQ

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What is is an online poker training website. It features two of the top online poker pros in the world: JohnnyBax and Sheets. Both players create videos from single table and multi-table tournaments that they play online. The videos include their commentary that details their thinking and decision process. These videos are viewed online in a members only area of this website. Subscriber benefits include:

Training Center Access: Watch videos and sit behind professional poker players and instructors and see what they do and hear their thought process as they progress through a poker hand.

PXF Replayer: Free membership allows you to have single hand histories animated into a Flash movie using the PXF Hand Viewer. Paying members can animate multiple hands from SNGs, Cash Games, and tournaments (from pokersites that we support). This is a fantastic learning tool. Subscribers can animate their tournaments and then study them for improvements!

Ask a Pro: Members can submit hands to be reviewed by our pros. If the hand is selected (based on educational value to other members), our pros will create a video about the hand offering their advice.

"Play Like a Pro" Quizzing: Our quiz feature allows you to "play along" with our pros as they navigate their way through a tournament! We are not saying that any player always makes the perfect moves. But our quizzing feature is a fantastic tool that lets you get into the mind of our pros -- and teaches you how to play like them.

Subscriber Tournaments: Play with our pros and win bounties to knock them out!

If I want to subscribe to, what do I do?

First, you register for free. Then, you can subscribe to PokerXFactor, which gives you access to all videos, plus our discussion areas and special events.

What format are your videos available in?

Videos are available in Flash format. Click here to learn more about Flash.

What does it cost to subscribe to PokerXFactor?

Click here to learn more.

What is automatic renewal for the monthly subscription?

If you pay by credit card or with a PayPal account, your account can be automatically debited each month so you won't miss a payment (and avoid a second signup fee). You will continue to be charged until you cancel the service. For security reasons, we DO NOT store your credit card or PayPal account information on our servers or at our offices. This service is handled by directly Verisign and PayPal.

What restrictions are there on the PokerXFactor hand viewer?

Subscribers can use the PXF Hand Viewer to animate their hand histories for single hands or multiple hands. The sites that we currently support are Ultimate Bet, Party Poker, Paradise Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and Poker Stars. There are three key restrictions for anyone who uses the hand viewer:

1. You cannot use the PXF Hand Viewer for any commercial purpose, including making videos.

2. You cannot create videos with commentary using the PXF Hand Viewer except for personal use. You cannot post videos to websites or distribute the video to groups bigger than 10 individuals.

3. PokerXFactor will keep 75 of your multi-hand histories active at a time. If you add an additional multi-hand history beyond this limit, then the oldest one will be deleted.